Passwordless Login for Shopify

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    Install the app to your shop from the Shopify App Store listing.
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    Read about the benefits of no password login for your shop
  • Take a quick live test in our Shopify shop. Password is 111.

Why Shops Must Kill Passwords

  • Grow Sales
    Biometric login cuts steps to an actual order, for new and returning buyers.

    Smoother checkout wins sales!
  • Improve Loyalty
    Stop torturing buyers with passwords or even one time codes.

    Loyalty = even more business!
  • One Simple Account
    Buyers access the shop on any device with smartphone's biometric sensors.

    Simplicity at its best!
Free Install from Shopify App Store!
Our fingerprint and faceID login system was approved by the Shopify Apps team and has a 30 days free trial period. No strings attached.