Biometry for SMS PINs

The detailed info on this integration section is coming up soon.

The following steps are to be required:

1. Substitute your SMS provider with Logintap's provider, but keep the same format of messages

2. Keep sending the same messages with OTPs

3. Logintap will receive SMS, change the OTP to a dynamic web link, send the SMS to the user, who follows the link and confirms biometry. Only then your OTP is shown.

4. Logintap will also offer to select an alternative channel for further verification delivery - free instant mobile messengers, so your SMS costs will go down drastically in time. When a user selects it, no further SMS will be sent, the biometry verification will be still sent by the selected messenger, but for your system, it will still be an SMS OTP entry.

You are unlikely to need any integration work, but only need to route current messages with one time PINs to Logintap's provider instead of your current provider. This is the overall schema of how authentication works:
Note, that this function delivers 2 major benefits:

1. Prohibits tampering with the SMS during delivery, by adding biometric confirmation, so catching SMS by external force is useless, and so is when an unauthorized user sees the mobile screen without unlocking it

3. Gradually cuts down costs for SMS delivery, by switching users to very inexpensive instant mobile messenger delivery, if this function is turned on.