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Frequently asked questions
How can I experience Logintap before starting the integration?
It just do happened that we also use our own tech, to let you login into your account.

So - (1) register for your account. (2) Login inside, connect a messenger. (3) Try it out.

Press - Hot to Test button on Home Page

Why is Logintap securer than usual logins?
1. Many people store names and passwords in browser. If anyone gains access to a computer, the consequences are unfortunate. Logintap allows the same convenience - no need to remember login credentials, yet without storing any login data in browsers.

2. Most messengers are already authorised with the user's phone number and it is impossible to install a messenger's account unnoticed on any new device.

3. A mobile device is at hand most of the time, and in case someone tries to access the account, a user can remotely block it.

4. In order to unlock a mobile device to confirm the login, a user needs to pass biometric security there, like a fingerprint or a face ID.
Why is Logintap positive and convenient for users?
1. People do not need to remember their passwords for your website. Yet, they will login fast and easy.

2. People do not need to write down their logins and passwords anywhere, to look for them anywhere, to loose them, to risk them being found by others, etc.

2. Great many people do not like using their social profiles for logins. Logintap is as easy to login, yet fully anonymous.
How Logintap can become the MAIN factor, not just the 2FA for users?
Actually that depends on your choice of implementation.

If you want maximum convenience & security we recommend recognising users by their browser data and instantly sending a mobile auth request. This way a user taps a phone right upon opening your website/software and logs in without entering anything else.

So it becomes the main factor because:

1. It is just very convenient, so people who start using it, start preferring it.

2. Users do not input any logins or passwords to access their accounts anymore.
How is Logintap 100% anonymous, when I use my social messenger for it?
Messenger bots do not provide any information on your as a user, even when your profile is public. Logintap only receives a hashed alphanumeric user's token from a messenger, when you choose an auth channel in it. Thats a major difference with usual social network's SSOs, which share user profiles right away.

From each website, using our auth, Logintap also receives a hashed token as user's ID. So when we create a pair, we also do not notify a messenger of which website the connection is coming from.

In fact our architecture is such, that we can not even match it, which users are using which website. Even if someone wanted to.
Can I use Logintap to sign up users, like with social networks SSOs?
YES, however we do not recommend to rely only on Logintap. For example, if users loose control of a mobile device for a while, entering the account would be impossible. So we recommend having email or a phone number on your side as a login, at the very least.

Also, you need to consider that Logintap is fully anonymous. Meaning your will not get any information from us on user identity, social profiles, emails, etc. Thus if SSO signup is a part of your marketing, we recommend FIRST - use SSO to register a user, SECOND - use Logintap to make access more secure and convenient.

Is Logintap just for web, or can it work in native applications?
YES, it can. But as long as the installed software is "online" in any way, you can initiate auth calls from it.

For now, we do not offer any backend libraries for native applications, meaning that you will need to do API calls from scratch within your software.

Email us for assistance at logintap AT mobsted.com
What about browser Push for Android + Chrome?
Yes. We do offer this option for Android. Our system automatically detects iOS and does not offer this option on iOS, as it is not possible on iPhones.

But since our goal is not just convenience but also security, we offer this option only on Custom accounts, for now.

Another issue is that browser Push is not as reliable as mobile messengers in request deliveries and are not easily findable on some phone models.
Why is WhatsApp only in Custom package?
It has to do with the fact that WhatsApp messages is a "paid for" service and can run up bills really fast. Having WhatsApp on millions of auth requests means a whole new infrastructure to count and bill for these messages, thus making everything else more expensive as well.

So, for now, our choice is to add WhatsApp only on custom branded accounts, where the business is directly responsible for these bills and no unneeded tally is put on everyone else.

Can there be SMS/TEXT auth, as well?
Yes. But it works differently from other auth services, where users open text message and enter PINs from it on a website.

Logintap is much easier for users. Open the SMS/TEXT - press the link. Thats it. You can use it as the ONLY factor as well.

It is a paid for extra service, for now, thats why it is only available on Custom accounts.

We are working on making it close to free for the US/Canada users and available on "Non Stop", account too. Follow us to know, when this happens.
How do we make sure no one has your users?
1. You only send your user ID to Logintap to start authentication. There is no emails, social profiles involved.

2. We only receive another "hashed" user ID from messengers, no user data or social profiles.

3. All the auth exchange happens with just these IDs
How is my account protected for "Logintap" branded service?
1. There is absolutely no important information stored on any of the acccounts - just user ID pairs.

2. Every account in Logintap is a separate instance of the platform. With own DBs, own API keys, own endpoints, etc. So no customer of ours works with the same data sources in any way. Further more, your websites within your account are also separated. Further more, servers are separated into clusters, as well.

3. The only shared item between all the accounts working under Logintap brand are messenger bot's endpoints, which are just a mechanism to show user a request and provide a response back.
How really FREE is the FREE account?
As long as you stay within limits of the FREE account.
What if I have many websites?
We do not put a limit on how many websites you can connect to an account.

Each website is called an "application" within Logintap. Each website has it's own webhook addresses.

There is no user transfer between applications/website of the same account. So if you want the same user to be using Logintap in several of your services, for us it will be just a new user for every "application".
What does it mean - unlimited users?
It means we can store unlimited number of user IDs for you. It only starts slowing the service at very very very large numbers, so we do not charge for it.

However doing the actual auth requires much more servers and power, so our charging is based on the number of "auth jobs".

We reserve the right to "clean up" user ID database for those IDs which are not in use for over 12 month.
Can I use Logintap to Push custom mobile messages?
Yes, on Custom and branded account.

You can use it to inform your customers, to onboard them, to make internal process confirmations, etc.
How can I turn off some of my users from using Logintap?
Just do not send us the auth request for the users you do not want.
Your question is not on the list?
We will answer it as soon as we can. Please try the online chat available on this site or drop us an email to logintap AT mobsted.com