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How to make the right choice?

Making the right choice is crucial for the economic effect to be derived from using Logintap authentication.

It needs some front and backend work on your part. Our goal is to make your life easy, so we provide ready-made code for your front and back, not just API docs.

By Technology
By Use Case
By Application Type
Flexible to use as both the "Main password-less Factor" and/or as the "2nd Factor"
Use as Open ID Connect (OIDC/SSO)
Plug in Existing Active Directory/LDAP
If your system already has an OpenID built-in, like lots of CMS (i.e. Wix, Shopify, etc). Our auth works for existing users and new ones!
Your standard login form will be auto-adjusted to allow Loginap auth with login only. You can edit it or add to any custom forms, too.
For completely custom solutions you can rely on our multichannel auth system and a set of ready made libraries (like PHP, or C++).
Use standard AD and LDAP procedures to add security to existing users across your business software.