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Mobile Auth
Use Cases and Industries

LoginTap auth is best for:

Business Web Apps & Portals:
Customers, Employees, Partners
Any web application or a portal benefits from LofinTap. Customers, employees or partners login to perform tasks, read off data or upload any documents. For daily logins LoginTap adds security without loosing speed. For irregular logins LoginTap brings in great ease for getting away with passwords.
SaaS Business:
Solutions & Products
Shops and market places
Personal Web Apps:
Gaming, Wellness, Learning
Web Media:
Portals, Aggregators
Anything Yours
It is all too well known that funnel & conversion is totally everything for e-commerce. Making people enter their logins every time is just nonsense. LoginTap benefits e-commerce by allowing people to login seamlessly, without the need to remember/enter passwords.
Media portals make their buck by showing targeted ads or selling a subscriptions. Making it easier for users to login helps selling more paid for services and information.
These solutions often hold sensitive data on thousands and sometimes even millions of businesses. LoginTap helps providing business users easy, comfortable and at the same time the second factor access, which means taking more care of business users and their data.
Most of personal web apps are similar to e-commerce in a sense of their conversion into paid accounts is what makes or breaks them. Be it a web game or a language learning tool, LoginTap provides ability to login with less effort and better security.
Smart phones are the essential and indispensable part of our lives for people of most ages. Adding seamless and useful functions is what makes our complex lives easier. Come up with your own cases for LoginTap. The sky is the limit.
Improve ease and security
for your users