Most Flexible Auth Options
ONE Easy system for over 10 different authentication purposes:

Passwordless FIDO2, Main & Second Factor, OpenID and Custom oAuth, AD and LDAP, Email Confirmations, SMS PINs substitution, Business Process Signatures... learn more...

With a choice of Auth Methods - biometry, messaging, biometry+messaging, hardware tokens... learn more...

Compare Overall Performance
Brief on the overall performance of different authentication approaches, which are considered more secure than an average login and password. Most of this relates to comparing 2FA methods, as the external 2FA is the foundation of any passwordless approach. For simplicity, we use 3 colors of judgment and brief reasoning.

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Compare Pricing for Users/Employees
Includes only Pricing found in published sources, not necessary at provider's websites. We research about 10 more providers of various kinds of 2FA, including the ones with one time codes sent in various ways, but only included the ones we find relevant in terms of security and user convenience. See the table above.
1. To be fair - some other services do extend beyond user auth.
2. But using external auth service, when running some other registration and auth mechanisms, can be not possible with other providers - you need to entrust the whole user management process.
Compare Pricing for External Users
This pricing applies if your want to offer a similar level of security to website visitors and SaaS customers. We exclude single-serving auth providers, like SMS/TXT & TOTP Authenticators - due to issues with either cost, or security, or both. This table will be extended with new providers as soon as we have ones.
1. The calculation for Logintap assumes that a typical every comes back 1 time a week, so 4 logins each month. Note - unlimited users stored, who can come back even less often

2. To be fair - (a) Auth0 service extends beyond authenication, and (b) Auth0 declares that a free plan exists with up to 7K users, however, the pricing calculator provides a cost of around $22.8/month for each 1000 MAU.